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zubair khan
zubair khan
They did an excellent job with replacing my garage door opener.
Miguel Gómez de la Torre
Miguel Gómez de la Torre
My garage door was stuck, so I found Motion to help me with that here in North York. They were fast and professional, I am impressed with the service. And what made me most happy is that one of the technicians was able to explain the service to me in Spanish! Muchas gracias Motion.
Pooja Sedani
Pooja Sedani
I had my spring broken on Saturday. I called the company and they sent me a repair guy to replace my spring. They gave me a fair price and explained to me how to do routine maintenance on my garage door. Fair and responsible.
Alana Marinho
Alana Marinho
I was looking for a garage door repair in Markham and found Motion. They were very knowledgeable and fixed my garage door on the same day. Highly recommended.
Jessica Martinelli
Jessica Martinelli
5 stars for sure! I called for a garage door repair in Toronto on Monday, they were here the same day and fixed my door. Very professional and clean service.
João Victor Bona
João Victor Bona
My garage door was not closing, and I seen cable came off. I called Motion and they were very responsive.The cable replacement was done quickly and efficiently, with the technician explaining each step clearly. They even took the time to answer all my questions about garage door maintenance. My door is now working perfectly.
Julia Domingues
Julia Domingues
I contacted Motion to do a garage door repair in Toronto. They were very fast and efficient. Best price in the market and great customer service! 10/10
Thiago Floret
Thiago Floret
Had an issue with my garage doors over the weekend and wanted to get everything fixed before Monday, . My wife looked around for options and found Motion. They were responsive, punctual and did a great job! G went above and beyond to explain things to me, and also do the little things to prevent this from happening again. Highly recommend their services!
Fabricio Corrêa de Barros
Fabricio Corrêa de Barros
I called Motion Garage Doors to do my opener installation. They were fast, professional, and clean. Glad I found my contractor for garage doors.
rouyan shafiei
rouyan shafiei
I reached out for my garage door and they got the work done very professionally and ethically. Highly recommend


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If your garage door is acting up, don’t leave it for later, since we have garage door repairman to assist you right away. Handling issues such as broken spring repair, snapped cables, or an off-track door is our expertise. It’s about more than just repairing – it’s about safeguarding your property and ensuring your peace of mind. Our comprehensive services strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and sustainable solutions, addressing every security concern. 

Has your car got stuck inside or your garage door won’t close? Fear not, our prompt solutions for handling emergency situations will put your mind at ease. Whether it’s a malfunction opener, a broken spring repair, a snapped cables, or a complete replacement, we have it all under control. Place your trust on us, as we come prepared to handle any garage door-related scenario. Because when it comes to your safety and convenience, we will provide you the best service in no time.

Garage door open half way. The garage door won't close and needs a garage door repair.
Garage Door Installation

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New Garage Doors Installation

Your garage door isn’t just a utility – it’s a statement, contributing up to 30% of your home’s charm. Beyond looks, a glitchy door puts your car, your little ones, and your property at risk. We’re not just slapping on old parts, we deal with top-quality material, backed by an unmatched level of expertise and dedication. Let’s team up through the process, since your satisfaction is our top priority. Not only that, our new garage door replacement comes with a solid 5-year warranty, including the garage door capping. 

Whether you have single, double or your are looking for a custom garage door, we’ve got you covered. We provide quick service, bringing quality and affordability together. Not only that, your extra security boost is covered by our comprehensive service. Different material, accessories and specs do not intimidate us. No matter how tricky the task, we’re your go-to for expert assistance in garage door replacement. Your peace of mind? It’s our top priority.


Garage Door Opener

When it comes to garage door motors, we are the go-to repairman you can rely on. We have unmatched expertise from top brands like Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Skylink, Genie, to Craftsman and more. We feel the pain when you have persistent error codes, opener remotes malfunction or the garage door won’t open or close due to motor issues. Especially during the severe winter months, a faulty garage door opener can be quite troublesome. 

Fear not! Our dedicated team is available to provide timely and reliable assistance for your opener installation or repair. We have experienced technicians around-the-clock available to assist you with the motor repair. We have specialists available to deal with your remote control and garage door keypad. With over a decade of experience, we set apart from competition as the leading choice for your opener solutions. It’s not just a claim, it’s a promise – we deliver, every time.

Garage Door Opener Liftmaster



If your garage door won’t open or close you can have many reasons for that. Let’s check the range of possible issues:

Step 1: Opener checkup

Start checking if the sensors are aligned. Dust them off, and make sure the beam is green. If they are aligned and it is still not working, check the opener travel limits. 

Step 2: Hardware inspection

Take a good look in your hardware, you can be dealing with a broken spring, snapped cable, or rollers getting stuck in the track. 

In case you couldn’t identify the problem, contact a company to do the repair, Garage doors are heavy and a mishap can result in severe injury. Safety first!

Generally, average cost of garage door repairs are between $150 to $1,300. This takes into account, parts, labour, the extent of the damage, and material quality used in the repair. Labour costs can vary depending on the job complexity. For instance, cable replacement could cost you $150 to $300 parts and labour included. Replacing a single spring could run from $200 to $500, depending on the spring’s grade

Syncing your opener remote is a breeze! First, spot the LEARN button on your opener, usually close to the machine’s wire or hidden beneath a light cover. Press and release it just once, so the LED shines steadily. Do not hold down, a single tap is enough. You’ve got 30 seconds from then to push the button on your desired remote control. 

The keypad process it’s just as straightforward. Once you’ve tapped the LEARN button in your motor, rush over to the push pad and press the sync button, holding it until the opener’s light flashes. That’s it, enjoy your garage door opener smoothly operates with your programmed hardware.

In general, you should have a maintenance once a year. A yearly checkup by a repairman will extended the lifespan of the components. The garage door tune-up involves tighten loose bolts, spring tension adjustment, lubrication of hardware and motor. Since Canada has extreme temperature swings  you may even want to consider bi-annual maintenance to improve the performance.

Yes, it’s completely possible to swap out a residential garage door panel if the damage is limited to just that part. Sometimes, it’s a small dent or minor defect, and homeowners will choose to replace the faulty panel instead of replacing the garage door. However, if your door is more than 10 years old, it is very likely that specific panel is discontinued. In this case, you may need to opt for a full garage door replacement.

The hint that your spring is due for a replacement is a gap appearing in the coil spring. Other common signs are balancing problems with the door and a squeaking noise coming from the component. Sometimes, you might notice the noise without the gap, which means that your spring still needs servicing, but not replacement. This involves professional lubrication and tension adjustment. Don’t ignore these signs, early intervention could save you big repair costs later.

Often, if your garage door get stuck in the same position, there are several potential reasons behind it. These could be related to misaligned sensors, snapped cables, broken springs, defective rolles, a bent in the track, or troubles with the opener’s trolley, chain or belt. If you can’t identify the problem, ask a professional inspection to give you a precise diagnose.

If your garage door get stuck in the same position, there are several potential reasons behind it. These could be related to misaligned sensors, snapped cables, broken springs, defective rolles, a bent in the track, or troubles with the opener’s trolley, chain or belt. If you can’t identify the problem, ask a professional inspection to give you a precise diagnose.

The main reason for a noisy garage door lies in poor lubrication. Like any machinery, your door needs periodic lubrication to ensure smooth operations. 

The absence of the lubrication can cause rattling or squealing noises. Rattling could also be cause of incorrect installation or loose nuts or bolts. If the spring tensions or disbalanced doors can cause squeaks noises. Old, worn-out rollers could have grinding or vibrating noises through your tracks. The door opener with issues like dysfunctional belt, chain, or pulley, could potentially cause noises as well. To sum up, all these factors often explain why your garage door might have disturbing noises. 

First step is disconnect your opener and carefully open the door manually, ensuring it’s secured properly. Utilize locking pliers to prevent sudden movements. Next, reposition the wheels back to the track and manually check its alignment. While you can undertake this task by yourself, it is highly recommended to hire a professional to do this job. Garage Door cables and springs are under high tension, and without the right tools and acknowledgement, there’s a risk of causing damage to yourself and your property.

Handling snapped cables can be pretty risky. A damaged garage door cable could seriously harm if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. So, instead of putting yourself and your property at risk, why not call in the experts? Keep safe and let skilled professionals to handle the problem efficiently and securely for you.

Please let us know how we can reach you.

Please let us know how we can reach you.