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Let’s dive into the 8 common types of garage door repair. We understand the frustration that comes with a malfunctioning garage door. That’s why, we’re on a mission to empower homeowners by shedding light on the nuances of garage door issues. We strongly recommend putting your safety as a priority and relying on professional service for your garage door.

1. Overhead Broken Spring

As time elapses, the springs endure wear and tear from the repetitive use of your garage door. Typically, a torsion spring boasts a lifespan ranging from 7 to 15 years or up to 10,000 to 18,000 cycles. If you have a double door with two springs on top, there’s a high chance both springs need to be replaced as the other is likely nearing the end of its life cycle too. When opting for spring replacement, choosing torsion springs with the same size and specifications as the existing ones is crucial.

2. Rubber Seal Replacement

Given the extreme temperature fluctuations in North America, the challenging weather conditions pose a difficulty for garage door seals. Consequently, one of the prevalent reasons you may need to repair your garage door is an issue with its rubber seals. The rubber seal on your garage door serves a dual purpose – providing insulation and safeguarding against external elements. Upgrading to a robust double rubber weatherstripping will enhance your garage door’s performance, and as an added benefit, it will significantly reduce your energy bills.

3. Garage Door Opener Problems

Garage door openers often take the spotlight in common garage door repair challenges. The puzzle may involve a remote control, a malfunctioning garage door keypad, a broken gear or pulley, an unresponsive motor, problematic wiring, or even a motherboard issue. First tip: ensure your system and components are powered up. Proceed with the garage door opener troubleshooting by checking the condition of other components. A garage door opener lasts 10 – 15 years, depending on your usage frequency.

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4. Broken cable replacement

Essential to your garage door’s seamless operation, garage door cables hold immense importance as they are engineered to lift the garage door. Even the most robust cables aren’t immune to wear and tear; over time, they lose strength and may snap. While a snapped cable is noticeable, the troubles can run deeper.

Numerous reasons can instigate a cable snap, such as worn-out rollers, overburdened springs, or simple wear-and-tear. Whether opting for a garage door cable replacement or reattaching the cable to the drum, costs typically range between $150 and $300, covering both parts and labour for a professional service.

5. Garage door panel replacement

Another common garage door repair is panels impacted by unexpected mishaps or children’s games that impact both functionality and appearance. Small dents or scratches can be fixed, but sometimes it is a signal for a garage door replacement. Seek an expert’s evaluation for the best advice on whether simple dent repairs will suffice or if a complete replacement is necessary. 

You can also experience a rusty bottom panel, which is very common for those doors due to humidity and salt. A single garage door replacement can range from $350 to $850, depending on several factors like model, style, size, and type of door. When contemplating garage door replacement, remember, it’s a task best entrusted to professionals. DIY attempts could pose risks due to the high-tension components of the door.

6. Bent or broken track repair

When your garage door tracks have a bend, your garage door’s smooth operation takes a hit. Minor issues might just need an adjustment to the existing tracks, while more serious damage demands a brand-new garage door track. It is recommended to check for debris or dust inside the tracks from time to time.

Pay close attention to any gap between the track and rollers. If you spot the rollers rising off the track, it’s a clear indication of misalignment, and you should contact professional services. Misalignment of the tracks is a serious issue since it can cause your garage door to fall abruptly.

7. Opener sensors alignment

When your garage door is not closing, the most common repair requested is the sensor alignment. Maybe someone accidentally kicked the sensors or an object got in their way. Hence, checking for alignment is advisable. The sensors are craftily built to prevent your garage door from closing if they detect any obstacle blocking the path of the beam. Consequently, they’re indispensable when it comes to maintaining safety around your home. For that reason, regularly checking for alignment is strongly recommended. 

8. Garage door roller replacement

A very common garage door issue that demands repair is a noisy sound coming from the tracks. Usually, that’s a signal you need a garage door roller replacement. Those worn-out rollers can disrupt the peace of your garage door. We highly recommend nylon rollers for residential garage doors. They resist both moisture and dirt and with double roll technology, they eliminate the risk of the roller being trapped in the tracks. In this case, they also reduce wear and tear. Step into our solution to have the tranquillity your doorstep deserves.


A functioning garage door is an essential part of your home’s safety and convenience. For that reason, we guide you through the 8 common types of garage door repairs, but it’s crucial to seek expert service to prevent accidents and ensure efficiency. Garage doors can present challenges that demand expert tools and knowledge. 

Once you are looking for a garage door company, choose the one that combines top-tier expertise with competitive prices. From the common to the complex, we are versed in all 8 usual garage door repair problems, delivering quality solutions with remarkable efficiency. Contact us today for service!

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