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Garage Door Aluminum Capping

Garage door black in modern style.

Elevate Your Door With Trim Molding

Garage door aluminum capping is a cost-effective solution for garage door frame protection, and it is a great approach to shielding wooden door frames from rooting or cracking. Assembled from high-grade aluminum this versatile tool can lend your garage door unmatched strength, durability and an irresistible visual appeal. Garage door capping is a solution that blends long-term protection and charming aesthetics. All in all, in the long term, capping your garage door provides protection and rejuvenation for your weathered wood frames.

The installation process begins with a technician visit, and a detailed measurement. Then, we perform the removal of the old door, followed by careful assembly of the new one. We make an extensive security check after the installation to ensure that your garage door is operational and safe. And our team ensures efficient service using the finest quality of garage doors. We prioritize your satisfaction and strive to deliver outstanding results.





What is Garage Door Aluminum Capping?

Aluminum capping is a garage door feature that’s as durable as it is visually pleasing. Also known as wrapping, it seamlessly seals your garage door frame, presenting a perfectly neat finish. The cladding cover acts as an added armor for wooden frames, safeguarding them against the harmful effects of moisture and varying weather conditions. 

The flexible sheets allow custom cuts from aluminum rolls, ensuring the perfect fit for every application, and the cut pieces at the edges meet flush to create an ideal seal and impeccable appearance. After the aluminum capping, your garage door is secured with an ideal seal, shutting out draughts, controlling temperature, and presenting a polished appearance. For that reason, aluminum capping: merging practical protection and impressive visuals, in one perfect package.

A well-maintained garage door will blend energy savings, potentially increase your property’s market value, and enhance your house’s aesthetic appeal. So, let’s take a look at how the garage door capping contributes to that.





Shield Your Doorframe from the Elements

We all know that Canadians have to face harsh climate variations over the years, and not only that, the wood frame that surrounds your garage door endures exposure to elements such as intense sunlight, icy road salt, and abrasive weather conditions that require it to be painted and maintained on a regular basis. That’s where our resilient and low-maintenance solution comes into play. Garage door capping serves as a protective layer around your garage door frame, effectively shielding the wooden frame beneath from elements that may lead to rooting or cracking.

No frame painting or maintenance anymore

Admit it, repainting and maintenance are not just an annoyance, but a never-ending saga! One of the biggest advantages of investing in garage door capping is its low maintenance requirement. The aluminum piece stamps out the need for any kind of frequent repairs or repainting. Regular painting jobs are nothing but temporary fixes that recur every few years, often translating into a cost-consuming affair. All in all, aluminum capping is the most cost-effective investment that you can make to your home’s exterior.

a picture of a garage door capping

Improve the Curb Appeal of Your House

Garage doors serve as one of the largest and most visible entrance points to your home. Why not make it count by improving its aesthetic appeal and value? When you decide to invest in our garage door capping services, you’re opting to boost your property’s visual appeal, in addition to ensuring a strong and protective barrier for your door frame. Embrace this long-lasting, hassle-free solution that ensures a flawless curb appeal for your home and durable protection for your garage door.

Cheaper Than Frame Replacement

Garage Door Aluminum Cost

The cost of aluminum capping for your garage door may range from $200 – $400 for a single door, while a double-car garage falls between $300 – $500. These prices can vary depending on the complexity of the capping’s design and the labor involved. Furthermore, the garage door capping it proves less expensive than complete frame replacements. When you think about how much a garage door contributes to the overall curb appeal of your house, aluminum capping is the most economical update available for your home exterior.



$200 – $400



$300 – $500

Improve Your House Energy Efficiency

Energy usage

Energy efficiency is a benefit from garage door capping that few homeowners take into consideration. Garage doors can occupy up to 30% of your home’s front facade, any noticeable fault in the structure can result in a severe decrease in energy efficiency of your house. Because our day and age states that every drop of energy saved matters, moreover your energy consumption cannot be overlooked.

Garage Door FLASHING Services

When it comes to aluminum materials, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach may not always yield the desired results. Cutting and bending metal sheets is a skill that demands many years and is better left to professionals. Another crucial component of a well-fitted garage door is the caulking – an aspect which needs expertise to deliver an aesthetic appeal.

At Motion Garage Doors, we are committed to ensuring the health and longevity of your garage doors, and our highly specialized team is well-versed in aluminum capping installation and possesses years of experience to assure quality service. Let us provide your garage doors with the professional touch they need. Trust Motion Garage Doors – where quality meets reliability. Contact us today for professional assistance.

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Garage Door Aluminum Capping Services

Enhance Your Garage Door With Aluminum Capping – transform your home’s look, save on maintenance costs and improve your house energy efficiency.

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Check out our clients’ testimonials. Serving the GTA for the past decade, we’ve been the top choice for garage door solutions. That’s why we promise a customer-centric approach backed by a 5-year warranty. In Motion, you’re the priority!

Carol Mckinlay

“I am very impressed with Motion! Nowadays it is tough to find good customer service, but this company surprised me. I called them for a repair, to resolve an intermittent problem with our door. They sent two repairmen, who fixed the garage door the same-day I called. Real experts! I highly recommend them.”

Leon Trefler

“G is an awesome technician. He did an excellent job, explaining my options and offering a solution for a reasonable price. After he did the job, the office called me, asked about the customer service to ensure that my experience with this company was the best. I wouldn’t call anyone else but these guys.”

John Zhao

“I got a new garage door from Motion. I found Motion Garage Doors online and I’m happy that I did. They offered me the best price in the market. The costumer service was amazing, from sales to installation. Thank you, G and Daniel, for the professionalism and attention to details. Would definitely recommend!”