Garage Door Bottom Seal Replacement

6 inch garage door bottom seal. Thicker weather strip. Gasket that cover most gaps

Garage door bottom seal replacement is a cost-effective improvement to your house. Often called by various names like gasket, rubber, weather strip, or simply the seal, this essential component plays a crucial role in maintaining your garage door’s functionality. 

A well-functioning bottom seal is your frontline defence against unwanted guests – be it sunlight, pests, or even debris. So, whether it’s animals, rain, or leaves you are facing, remember: a simple swap of the bottom seal can dramatically enhance your garage door’s value and performance.

Bottom seal types: It is time to change your lower gasket

Replacing your garage door’s lower seal is an opportunity to enhance your garage’s defence against the elements! The garage door bottom weatherstrip usually requires a plastic or aluminum retainer to hold the rubber. 

But, here’s a pro tip: don’t dive into a replacement without a tech giving your garage door a once-over. Ensuring your retainers and materials is crucial for a successful garage door bottom seal replacement. So, get ready to give your garage door the upgrade it deserves!

A technician holding a bottom weather strip for a bottom garage door replacement

Garage Door Bottom Gasket Seal: the importance of a balanced door

That pesky garage door gap can be caused by two reasons: an uneven concrete floor or an unbalanced door. Concrete repairs are costly, consuming time and money. Before diving through a concrete repair, check your garage door balance. That task is for pros – remember, garage door springs under tension can be dangerous. 

Once you’re in the clear and the door balance gets a thumbs up, but the gap remains, it’s time for garage door bottom seal replacement. Opting for a 6-inch rubber seal might cover most gaps. Think of it as a cost-effective tool to cover your gap and keep your garage comfy, efficient, and free from uninvited visitors. Now that’s a win-win!

Where to buy garage door weather strip 

Motion Garage Doors is here to help! We offer the standard 4-inch rubber seal to a heavy-duty 6-inch version for larger gaps. We also carry the aluminum or plastic retainer needed for a secure fit. Our experienced technicians can handle the entire replacement process, ensuring a proper seal and optimal garage performance. Let Motion Garage Doors keep your garage comfortable, efficient, and weatherproof.


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