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Garage Door Cable Replacement

A technician doing a garage door cable replacement

Garage Door Cables

The garage door cable replacement is a important task since the wire is the lifting arm of your system – the driving force behind your door’s opening and closing. These components are the major functionality part for your garage door to run smoothly. Picture the intricate play for the garage door spring winding and unwinding spins the torsion spring shaft, further turning cable drums at the door’s top corners. So, your garage door cables wrap around these drums, guiding down to the base of the door and securely fastened. It’s your cables, then, who step up to lift the door along the tracks.

Sometimes, it is pretty noticeable that your garage door cables come off, or your garage door cable snapped. But, the garage door’s troubles could extend beyond just the cables. An interlaced system of bearings, bottom bracket, pulleys, and drums integral to the cable system may falter too. If you notice your cables not winding correctly around the drum or the pulleys deteriorating, it may be time for a ‘change garage door cable’ mission.

Garage Door cable snapped. Garage door cable replacement required since the cable is hanging beside the rollers

Garage door wire replacement

Cables snap for various reasons – damaged roller, overburdened spring, or they wire can come out due to wear and tear of time and use. We recommend checking if you need a door cable replacement, or it can be just a matter of reattaching the cable back onto the drum. A well-maintained garage door cable is crucial for a longer lifetime of other garage door components. When in doubt, don’t let a misbehaving cable ruin your groove, contract our repairman for the ultimate garage door wire replacement and repair. Here, are some red flags that shows your overhead door cable replacement:

•   Slams shut reasons of a garage door
•   Causes for a garage door sticking and not opening or closing smoothly
•   Reasons for a garage door closing too quickly, becoming a safety issue
•   Why garage door is not balanced
•   Off-track garage door

Fix A Garage Door Cable

Got a garage door cable snapped? DIY may not be the best route. Trust us, wrestling with garage door cables involves the right tools and lots of experience; it’s serious business. The cables can be like live wires, and packing a huge amount of tension. Attempting a solo cable swap can be a risky dance – think serious injuries or an encore of damage to your door and home. When the garage door cables decide to go rogue, call in the pros of Motion Garage Doors to ‘change garage door cable’ mission. Your door, your safety – it’s worth it. We have the best prices in the market for residential overhead replacement. All the prices included:

Garage Door Cable replacement cost

7ft residential

$150 – $300

8 ft residential

$200 – $350

Commercial cable replacement

Quote only available after inspection



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Carol Mckinlay

“I am very impressed with Motion! Nowadays it is tough to find good customer service, but this company surprised me. I called them for a repair, to resolve an intermittent problem with our door. They sent two repairmen, who fixed the garage door the same-day I called. Real experts! I highly recommend them.”

Leon Trefler

“G is an awesome technician. He did an excellent job, explaining my options and offering a solution for a reasonable price. After he did the job, the office called me, asked about the customer service to ensure that my experience with this company was the best. I wouldn’t call anyone else but these guys.”

John Zhao

“I got a new garage door from Motion. I found Motion Garage Doors online and I’m happy that I did. They offered me the best price in the market. The costumer service was amazing, from sales to installation. Thank you, G and Daniel, for the professionalism and attention to details. Would definitely recommend!”

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