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Motion Garage Doors is the leading company in  garage door emergency repair in the Greater Toronto area. We provide premium garage door servicing with an unmatched balance of affordability and craftsmanship. Our highly skilled technicians tackle each repair call with care, using high-quality products to solve your garage door issue. Don’t get caught with a car stuck inside the garage door, potentially risking your safety and security. Always remember, garage doors are heavy equipment and can be dangerous if any part is malfunctioning. This is where expert help is crucial. Don’t risk DIY – trust us to handle it professionally.

Whether you have a residential garage door, an overhead, sectional or roll up garage door that needs repair, we’re just one call away. Don’t worry if it’s a night, a weekend or beyond regular working hours. If your garage door refuses to cooperate, reach out to us. We’ll respond immediately, rectify the problem, and have your garage door back in perfect working order. We offer a 24-hour emergency service at no additional costs. With Motion Garage Doors, you get prompt, efficient and affordable solutions to all your garage door problems.


Fast and Reliable Emergency garage door repair services

Get swift, dependable emergency garage door repair with Motion Garage Doors! Stuck garage doors, emergency spring repair, opener not working, and hardware troubles – we’ve got them all covered. Based in the Greater Toronto Area, we pride ourselves on offering speedy, trustworthy repair services whenever you need them.

No Extra charge for emergencies

Emergencies are unpredictable, and so is our service – but in a good way! Whether it’s the crack of dawn or dead of night, our skilled technicians will reach you within two hours, with no added costs. Working round the clock in shifts, our crew ensures we’ve got your garage door concerns covered at all times: 24 hours garage door repair is available in Motion Garage Doors.

24/7 Emergency repair services

Think it’s impossible to fix a broken garage door in the wee hours of the night? Think again. We at Motion Garage Doors don’t want your day disrupted over garage door issues. Available 24/7, we make sure your stuck vehicle or missed appointments are things of the past. Rely on our skilled professionals to pull you out of your garage predicament in no time.

Local and trusted

We’re not just experts; we’re locals you can trust! Having served the community for over a decade, we back our work with a 5-year warranty on parts and labor. Ready to answer your emergency call, our service, trustability, and assurance are just a call away. Choose Motion Garage Doors for reliable garage door solutions.

Emergency Overhead Door Repair

Facing an emergency with your garage door can be unnerving. The risk that a malfunctioning overhead door poses is real and we understand that. This is why we offer a swift, two-hour response to all your service calls, to ensure you don’t have to deal with garage door repair issues for long.

We provide services for every brand and model of garage doors out there. You can rely on our skilled and extensively trained technicians to handle your specific garage door, regardless of make or model. However, we don’t simply believe in finishing the job. We aim to give you a quality service experience that leaves you feeling safe and secure. Here’s a peek into the types of garage door overhead repairs we can assist with:

 Emergency garage door installation

 Emergency garage door maintenance

 Emergency garage door panel replacement

 Emergency garage door sensor repair 

 Emergency garage door sensor replacement

 Emergency garage door bent fixing 

 Emergency garage door repair damaged tracks

 Emergency broken garage door springs

 Emergency garage door spring repair 

 Emergency garage door motor installation

 Emergency garage door motor replacement

 Emergency garage door keypads repair

 Emergency garage door remote control

 Emergency garage door weather stripping

 Emergency garage door original spare parts

 Emergency garage door gear replacement services

 Emergency garage door hardware & parts

 Emergency garage door cable snapped

 And a lot more

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Why might you need garage door emergency repair? Consider a situation where your garage door won’t open, leaving your vehicle stuck when you have a pressing appointment. Maybe, you’re set to leave for dinner, and your garage door opens only halfway, or worse, comes off track – posing a serious risk to anyone near the vicinity. 

No matter the reason, your need for a quick and effective solution is valuable for us. We deliver top-notch garage door repair solutions at unbeatable speed across our service areas at Greater Toronto Area. Our unparalleled response time, teamed with exceptional workmanship, is exactly what you need in such urgent circumstances. Stay safe, stay informed – let Motion Garage Doors take care of your emergency garage door repair needs.

A technician wearing a Motion Garage Doors shirt, doing a garage door maintenance and tune-up.

If the safety sensors of your opener are not aligned correctly, it can prevent your door from closing. You can troubleshoot opener issues by checking to the instructions provided in these videos below:

Liftmaster garage door opener

Genie garage door opener

Skyline garage door opener

Chamberlain garage door opener

If your garage door tracks are warped, causing the rollers to jam and preventing the door from moving, attempting to repair the door without professional assistance can result in damage to other components of your garage door. In such cases, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of an experienced technician who can assess the reasons for the track damage and determine the best solution for replacement.

Springs are the most commonly broken component in a garage door due to their limited lifespan, typically around 10,000 cycles. Immediate assistance is crucial for overhead garage doors. If your spring is damaged, avoid pressing the opener button to open or close the door. The door becomes significantly heavier, and attempting operation without fixing the spring issue can lead to burn out your opener, such as the inevitable spring replacement.

If you have snapped cables or your door is closing too quickly, resulting in a garage door slam, immediate assistance is essential. The cables, responsible for lifting the garage door, are under severe tension. For safety reasons, do not attempt to touch the cable without releasing the tension. Garage door cable requires regular maintenance, as a break can be a risk of harm due to the stored tension.

If an overhead garage door is not opening, the key components that may be causing the issue are the springs, cables or the garage door motor. Over time, these components can wear out, and if they break, it can prevent the door from opening.

A garage door that refuses to close could be experiencing issues such as broken rollers and tracks, misaligned sensors, problems with the trolley, malfunctions in the remote control, or the emergency release key is pulled off. 

A garage door can be knocked off its tracks due to an impact from an external object, a snapped cable, or a damaged roller. To realign the garage door, you should release the cable tension, gently push the door back into position, ensure the tracks are properly aligned, and straighten any bent parts that may be causing the garage door to be off-track. This process involves a careful assessment and adjustment of various components to restore the door to its correct position. 

If your garage door opener is not functioning, the first step is to inspect the hardware and components to ensure that the issue does not originate from the opener itself. If the hardware is in a good condition, consult the manual and look for any error codes on the opener screen. If you detect a burnt smell coming from the opener, it may indicate a damaged motherboard that needs replacement. Additionally, examine the gear, tracks, and pulley for any issues that could be affecting the opener’s performance.

If your garage door is opening by itself, it is likely that you have a sensor issue. You may need to replace the sensors or inspect the wires and connections between the sensors and the opener. This unexpected behavior could be a result of a malfunction in the sensor system, and addressing it by either replacing faulty sensors or ensuring proper wiring connections can help resolve the problem.

We offer emergency services for weatherstripping. Recognizing the challenging conditions that winter can bring, we emphasize the importance of a garage door seal for your garage door. This service is crucial to a well-protected garage, ensuring not only resilience against the harsh weather conditions but also preventing outside debris coming inside the garage and damaging the tracks.

If your remote control is not functioning, begin by checking the battery and looking for any indicator lights on the remote. Additionally, ensure that your sensors are aligned. If both the sensors and remote are in good condition, there could be damage to a hardware component, such as the springs, cables, or rollers.

We recognize that emergencies can occur unexpectedly, which is why we guarantee emergency garage door replacement within 2 days, depending on the model and style of the door. Our commitment is to prioritize emergency situations and speed the installation process to ensure that your door is replaced in accordance with the urgency of the situation.

Maintenance tips

Avoid Undesirable Emergency Garage Door Repair

As harmless as it may initially seem, a simple malfunction can spiral into an intricate problem requiring professional expertise. Keep in mind essential maintenance tips to prevent unpleasant surprises:

– Regular lubrication keeps annoying noises at bay, the result of unwanted friction

– Stay on top of cleaning your door tracks to prevent harm to the rollers from debris or other elements

– Replacing your weatherstripping at regular intervals boosts your door’s lifespan by shielding it from exterior elements and frigid temperatures

– Regularly check and realign your sensors, ensuring their alignment is precise and functioning optimally

And, remember: Nothing replaces professional help. Consult experts to keep your garage door in top-notch condition. This is more than a handy tip – it’s your gateway to peace of mind!

Garage Door Repairman Near Me

Supporting local Canadian businesses is the core of our economy. Motion Garage Doors offers the promise of trust by hiring local technicians from different regions across the Greater Toronto Area. Our skilled repairman, familiar with your region or city, will ensure you receive the best garage door emergency repair services, providing prompt and reliable solutions. Why seek help far and wide when your local repair experts are just a call away? Reach out to us today for any garage door repairs, and feel the assurance of dealing with your trusted, local garage door company. Support local, support Motion Garage Doors.

Please let us know how we can reach you.

Please let us know how we can reach you.