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Garage Door Installation

Professional Garage Door Installation at Affordable Prices

2 garage door in a long traditional panel
2 garage door in a long traditional panel

Garage Door Installation Service

At Motion Garage Doors, we combine a customer-centred approach with craftsman garage door installation services. We identify your expectations, offering personalized solutions to match your unique style. The choice of materials, windows, hardware, colours, schemes, and features are essential to go through this step. 

The installation process begins with a technician visit, and a detailed measurement. Then, we perform the removal of the old door, followed by careful assembly of the new one. We make an extensive security check after the installation to ensure that your garage door is operational and safe. Our team ensures efficient service using the finest quality of garage doors. We prioritize your satisfaction and strive to deliver outstanding results.

New Garage Door Replacement Warranty

As a trusted garage door installation specialist, we believe in our expertise. For that reason, we provide a full warranty on parts and labor. Our range of services also includes garage door opener installation, capping, routine maintenance, and any garage-related need you might have. We’re your all-in-one solution!

Garage Door Pricing

Doors Installed
Emergency Service Calls

New Single Garage Doors

  • Non-insulated: Starts from $900
  • Insulated: Starts from $1,350
  • Opener: From $400 - $1,100
  • Capping: From $200 - $400

New Double Garage Doors

  • Non-insulated: Starts from $1,850
  • Insulated: Starts from $2,350
  • Opener: From $400 - $1,100
  • Capping: From $300 - $500

Garage Door Replacement Costs

Discover the transformation that our distinct collection of garage doors can offer to your home. The garage door replacement cost in Ontario ranges from $900 to a more sophisticated designs that can cost up to $5,000. We personalize our services to suit your needs. The elements are the main influence in your garage door replacement costs, including the garage door material type, dimensions, the type of opener, capping, keypad, locking mechanisms, window design, color scheme, and even the intricacies of labor and warranty. 

It may sound complex, but we are here to guide you through every detail and questions that might arise. These specifications are critical aspects you need to contemplate on for a sound investment in your home’s security and aesthetics. Dive into these aspects, and let’s make your garage door installation experience smooth and satisfying.

Professional Garage Door Installation Services


single garage door, double car garage door or custom garage doors

The size of your garage door heavily impacts the overall price. A standard single car garage door, usually of dimensions 8×7, typically starts from $900. If your garage space is bigger and requires a standard double car garage door, with standard dimensions of 16×7, prices begin from $1,850.

In case you need custom dimensions, whether it’s a wider, shorter, or higher opening, we offer varied sizes ranging from single door options like 9×8, 10×7, 10×6.5, or double options like 16×8, 12×7 feet. Keep in mind, the larger the door, the more parts and components like the grade of springs and hardware are needed, which will invariably affect the cost of your garage door installation. Trust Motion Garage Doors to cater to your specific needs with quality, precision and competitive pricing.


We carry different types of materials such as steel, glass and aluminum, wood, vinyl, and composite or faux wood. We also carry several levels of insulated garage doors to non-insulated garage doors. Each type of material has its weight, durability, and price. Galvanized steel doors are the strongest, most durable and most popular type for overhead garage doors. They are also the most cost-effective.

Aluminum and glass doors are more modern looking and lighter than steel doors. Both steel and aluminum can be recycled, which is a great advantage. Wood garage doors are heavy but with a classic curb appeal. The classic-looking door panels are resistant to bumps, scratches and other minor damage. Faux wood, also called composite garage doors, looks like real wood but is not as expensive and requires less upkeep hardware.

The triple-layer doors, which use polyurethane insulation, provide the highest level of energy efficiency, with R16 value. The most cost-benefit option is the triple layer garage door which provides higher durability, with the outside galvanized steel layer that guarantees a rust prevention system. The sections are protected with a rubber seal, which is excellent for thermal break.

Garage door opener

Installing a garage door opener isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Prices swing between $490 and $1,150, influenced by brand, horse-power, and the drive system – belt or chain. It also depends on the technology included in your choice. Bear in mind, labor costs add to this estimate. Up your game with features like remote controls and keypads for that added sprinkle of convenience and value for your garage door. 

Garage Door Keypad and Locking Systems

Opting for a garage door keypad is a good option for its added convenience and long-lasting performance. Typically, keypads will set you back somewhere between $95 and $185, with the possibility of additional labor costs for installation.

We recommend homeowners who don’t have alternative garage entryways from inside the home, to consider incorporating an emergency release key into their setup. It can be your saving grace in scenarios such as power outages.

Adding security mechanisms, such as emergency release key, handle locks, padlocks, deadbolt locks, smart lock, key fob and other locking devices are recommended for those who seek extra security. In the end, choosing the right elements for your garage door installation not only brings ease but also assures the security you desire for your home. Don’t hesitate to take that extra step for safety – it’s undoubtedly worth it!

garage door keypad with a built-in camera

Garage Door Windows & Colors

There are custom colours that can sum up to elevate the cost of your door, but in general standard colours have the same pricing and should not affect your garage door rate. The same is for windows, unless you choose a custom option, the price for each window will keep more or less the same. Installing a garage door involves careful customization to meet individual preferences. You may opt for a tinted window that lets in a subdued light and partially allows inside visibility. Conversely, a frosted glass grants ultimate privacy by reducing light penetration and restricting interior visibility.

Garage Door Capping

Give your garage door a boost in both appearance and durability by opting for our top notch garage door capping service. Our capping material, expertly crafted from high quality aluminum provides protection against decay and cracking. Rest easy knowing that your wooden frames will retain their appeal for years to come thanks to this solution. Bid farewell to weather related damage. Welcome an upgrade that offers long lasting curb appeal and reliable safeguarding, for your garage doors. Trust us to deliver the combination of aesthetics and protection.


The seamless garage door installation has the cost variation of the service largely dependable on the door size, with a single garage door installation naturally costing less due to reduced labour efforts compared with the double garage door replacement. 

And there’s more. Our complete service handles full hardware replacement  including springs, cables, rollers, tracks, drums, hinges, and any other component crucial to your garage door’s function. At Motion Garage Doors, we don’t just deliver services, we provide solutions. Our expert technicians are ready to assist with all your needs. Take the first step towards your garage transformation by booking a free consultation with us today.

Garage door warranty

At In Motion Garage Doors, we’re committed to providing superior service you can trust. Rest assured, we back all our parts and labor with a 5-30 years warranty, varying by door model and style. Your warranty needs are our priority, guaranteeing utmost customer satisfaction.

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All repairs and installation are covered with a warranty in parts and labour


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Check out our clients’ testimonials. Serving the GTA for the past decade, we’ve been the top choice for garage door solutions. That’s why we promise a customer-centric approach backed by a 5-year warranty. In Motion, you’re the priority!

Carol Mckinlay

“I am very impressed with Motion! Nowadays it is tough to find good customer service, but this company surprised me. I called them for a repair, to resolve an intermittent problem with our door. They sent two repairmen, who fixed the garage door the same-day I called. Real experts! I highly recommend them.”

Leon Trefler

“G is an awesome technician. He did an excellent job, explaining my options and offering a solution for a reasonable price. After he did the job, the office called me, asked about the customer service to ensure that my experience with this company was the best. I wouldn’t call anyone else but these guys.”

John Zhao

“I got a new garage door from Motion. I found Motion Garage Doors online and I’m happy that I did. They offered me the best price in the market. The costumer service was amazing, from sales to installation. Thank you, G and Daniel, for the professionalism and attention to details. Would definitely recommend!”

Please let us know how we can reach you.

Please let us know how we can reach you.