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Garage Door Keypad Repair

Garage Door Opener Keypad Solutions

garage door keypad with a built-in camera
garage door keypad with a built-in camera

Garage Door Opener Keypad

Keypads are an effective solution for managing your garage door opener with ease. Tap in and watch your garage door respond, making life both convenient and functional. One single keypad can sync up with up to three garage door openers. Easy-to-read, backlit buttons ensure you get your PIN right every time. We’ve got you covered, regardless of the brand or model. We also stock universal keypads, including for popular brands like Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Craftsman, and Genie.

Garage Opener Keypad Battery Replacement

The lifespan of your keypad’s battery depends largely on usage frequency, but you usually can expect from 1 to 3 years. Not to forget, our chilly Canadian climate can speed up the process of replacing the batteries! Yes, since your keypad bravely weathers our freezing temps outdoors, it might be singing out for new batteries more frequently. So remember, when it comes to maintaining your garage door keypad in the Great White North, it’s always wise to keep a pack of fresh batteries at hand.

Liftmaster and Chamberlain Opener Keypad

New Liftmaster and Chamberlain models come with MYQ technology that lets you operate your garage door via your phone. What about keypads? Even though they aren’t included on these new garage door opener models, rest assured – a keypad installation is perfectly feasible. All you need is a personalized four-digit pin code and voila, easy entry. Plus, it effortlessly syncs with your existing opener’s frequency. Our range of Liftmaster touchpads comes in shades of white, sandstone and black. Enhance your garage access, ramp up your convenience, all with the Liftmaster garage door keypad.

Garage Door Keypad is not working

Liftmaster and Chamberlain Troubleshoot guide

Don’t panic if your garage door keypad isn’t opening your garage door! Let’s solve it together: firstly, assess the hardware. If your door is not operational, it may actually stem from an issue with the garage door hardware. Inspect for signs of damaged rollers, snapped wires, or a broken spring.

Next up, take a closer look at your opener sensors. Make sure they’re aligned and confirm your garage door opener is powered. Then, review the condition of your keypad’s batteries and wires. If all else fails, reprogramming your keypad could be the fix.

how to reset your keypad number

To get started, go to your garage door opener’s main head. Lift the light cover to reveal the learning button, and give it a quick press. You’ve got 30 seconds to go over to your touchpad. Pop in your fresh, new pin, and hit enter. We have a successful guide with the step-by-step on how to program your garage door keypad.

Garage door keypad.

Recommended specialists to your garage door opener touchpad

Motion Garage Doors offers same-day service for garage door touchpad fixes or replacements. We’re just a call away! Our exceptional quality materials and dedicated team will ensure your garage door issues are sorted in a snap. Expect the best, because we deliver nothing less!

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Please let us know how we can reach you.