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Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement By Motion Garage Doors
2 garage door spring in a overhead sectional residential garage door. Both springs are snapped and broken into 2 pieces.

Garage Door Spring

Properly adjusted spring system guarantee the smooth operation of your garage door. The spring performs a crucial task of balancing your garage door, turning a typically heavy task into a lighter lift. Yet, it’s more than mere convenience. It’s about the safety of your garage space, as an incorrect amount of tension of a spring can quickly morph your garage into a hazard zone, endangering both your vehicle and family.

The springs bear the door’s weight when closed, storing precious energy, which they generously unleash during the opening, facilitating a seemingly lift. Consider the spring your silent ally, expertly directing the flawless dance of your secure, effortless door operations.

Suspect a spring mishap? Seek out professional residential garage door spring repair and replacement immediately. Don’t wait, maintain your garage door’s graceful performance and protect your property and family’s safety today.

Garage door Spring Broken

Do you know the telltale signs that your garage door may need a spring repair? Listen out for loud creak noises or stubborn garage doors won’t open. These distress signals could be indications of a potential problem with the garage door spring. Ask yourself, how to identify if I need a garage door spring repair?

If your garage door seems heavy and hard to move or the door won’t go up properly, it’s a red flag that your spring might need repairing. Another signal could be that your door is out of alignment or creating loud noises when opening or closing. All these could signify potential garage door spring issues.

Understanding these issues in time can help avoid costly repairs or replacements. So, when your garage door shows any of these symptoms, don’t ignore it. Acting promptly will ensure a quick resolution and also provide peace of mind. Spot these issues, understand their implication, and respond swiftly. Don’t delay – troubleshoot the mysteries behind a malfunctioning garage door today!

Garage door spring broken into two pieces.

Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement

Garage door springs are the main core of the door hardware: while a single garage door typically has a solitary spring, the double door usually comes equipped with a duo spring.

Eventually, the doubt comes out if you have double springs and just one snap, you have to replace both. When you replace both springs simultaneously, you’re not only conserving time but also avoiding potential hassles down the line. It’s akin to gifting your garage door a double-shot of robustness. Believe us, an ounce of prevention here could save you a hefty dose of annoyance in the future.

Puzzled and pondering, Should I replace both springs? The reply is a definitive yes, specifically for domestic garage springs. Upgrade your garage door performance with a forward-thinking strategy, guaranteeing a seamless and worry-free function every single time.

Types of spring

To ensure that your garage door operates smoothly it is important to understand its anatomy and the role of garage door springs. For example extension springs are essential for single car garage doors as they expand and contract to facilitate operation. There are types of extension springs including open looped ones known for their consistent reliability, double looped ones that offer additional strength and clipped end versions that prioritize safety features. Each variant caters to requirements.

On the hand torsion springs take charge when it comes to double car garage doors. Standard torsion springs provide balance while set ones offer advanced functionality. For rolling door versions made of steel torsion springs ensure supreme durability. Among them all Torque master torsion springs provide solutions for types of garage door systems. With their attributes these springs not only provide strong support but also orchestrate reliable and trouble free garage door operations. Choosing the spring guarantees performance for your garage door.

Life Expectancy

Get a deeper understanding of your garage door spring’s lifespan. Typically, Torsion Springs are designed to withstand around 10,000 cycles. One cycle signifies the full opening and closing of your garage door. As an example, if your garage door completes two cycles a day, your torsion spring might endure up to an impressive 13 years. However, ignoring maintenance over these years could transform your reliable spring into an unpredicted hazard due to possible abrupt snapping.

The longevity and security of your garage door lie in regular attention and prompt action. Regular upkeep not only helps increase its lifespan but also cuts down on the likelihood of sudden malfunctions. Pamper your Torsion Spring with the attention it needs and ensure a seamless, safe functioning of your garage door for many more years to come. Don’t let lack of care spring a nasty surprise. Remember, maintenance is the key.

Garage door opener Hockey stick connected to the garage door.

Overhead Door Spring

Choosing the right garage door spring can be a trick task. It requires precise calculation of door weight and size and intricate detailing in spring dimensions. A perfect match of door and spring isn’t achieved by guesswork – it requires the keen eye of a seasoned professional technician. Hiring a trusted expert ensures that your garage door spring isn’t just fit-for-purpose, but is perfectly integrated for optimal functionality.

Never underestimate the significance of relying on an experienced professional when considering garage door spring replacement. With their expertise, they can match the perfect spring with your door, thereby striking an ideal balance for a smooth and reliable garage door experience. Experience the joy of a seamlessly functioning garage door with a professional’s touch.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

After the careful diagnoses of your garage door, a technician has to decide the type of springs suitable for your door and then will be able to quote you. For a spring replacement you can expect to pay from $350 to $700 including parts and labour.

DIY and measuring a spring

Embarking on a DIY spring replacement journey for your garage door? Let’s kick-start the project by measuring your existing spring for a smooth substitution. Get a tape measure and push its hook in between two coils of the spring. Take note of the length of 20 and 40 coils. Transform these figures to decimals (for instance, convert 4-½ in. to 4.5 in. or 4-⅛ to 4.125) and find the spring wire’s diameter by dividing these numbers by 20 and 40. If both matchs the result it is an indication of a successful measurement. Make sure to get the inside diameters as well, which usually are 1 3/4, 2, and 2 1/4.

Precise knowledge of taking dimensions is crucial for the perfect fit and superior performance. After that, you have to grab the essential tools:

• Adjustable Wrench

• Hammer

• Leather Gloves

• Clamps

• Cordless Drill

• Locking Pliers

• Rags

• Safety Glasses

• Socket / Ratchet Set

• Winding Bars

It’s crucial to bear in mind that a poorly done spring replacement can be dangerous, leading to unforeseen garage door falls or violent closures, thereby threatening property and individuals. The heaviness and tension of garage doors complicate the replacement process, demanding exactness and skill. For safety purposes, we highly recommend to hire experienced professionals to do a spring replacement. Their knowledge and expertise can guarantee safe and dependable garage door functioning, thereby lessening potential hazards related to inadequate installations.


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