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How to program the garage door keypad

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How to program the garage door keypad is one of the simple tasks related to garage doors and garage door opener troubleshooting. The garage door keypad offers a hassle-free way to access your garage. But what happens when you forget the code or the keypad stops working? In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to easily get back into your garage.

Step 1: Where is the garage door opener “Learn” Button?

First, you’ll need to find the “Learn” button on your garage door opener. It’s usually located on the back of the motor head, and often brightly coloured in red, green, purple, or yellow.

Step 2: How to erase the garage door opener memory (Optional)

While not always necessary, you can erase existing codes by holding down the “Learn” button for about 6 seconds (until the LED light goes dark). This wipes the code for all remotes and keypads that were previously programmed.

Note: Not everyone needs a total memory wipe.  If you just want to change your existing PIN without affecting other remotes, skip ahead!

Technician checking a garage door opener head.
garage door keypad

Step 3: Press and release the LEARN button!

Press the “Learn” button once and let go. The LED light should flash, letting you know it’s ready to receive instructions. This is your window of opportunity, so make sure to complete the next step within 30 seconds.  Just to be safe, clear any obstacles between your garage door opener and the keypad before pressing the button.

Step 4: Choose Your Secret Code!

Pick a 4-digit code you’ll remember easily.  After pressing the learn button, head over to your keypad and punch it in. Then, press and hold the “ENTER” button until the light on your garage door opener blinks.  Congratulations! You’ve successfully gone through how to program your garage door keypad guide.

garage door keypad with a built-in camera

Ready to test it out? Give your new code a try by entering it on the keypad. If the garage door whirs to life, you’re good to go!

Need to change an existing PIN without erasing the memory? We’ve got you covered!

Check how to update your current code without affecting other remotes or keypads:

  • Step 1: Enter the Old Code. Punch in the existing PIN you want to change.
  • Step 2: Activate Learning Mode. Press and hold the “#” button until the opener light blinks twice.
  • Step 3: Create Your New Code. Enter your new 4-digit PIN and press “ENTER.” The opener light will blink once to confirm success.

How to do a temporary PIN for your garage door opener keypad!

Need to give someone temporary access to your garage? Most keypads allow you to program temporary PINs that expire after a set number of hours or uses. Here’s a breakdown of how to achieve this:

Setting a Time-Limited PIN:

  1. Unlock the Vault. Enter your existing PIN and hold the “*” button until the opener light blinks three times (this activates learning mode).
  2. Craft a Temporary Code. Choose a unique 4-digit PIN different from your regular code. Enter this temporary PIN and press “ENTER” (the light will blink four times).
  3. Set the Time Limit. Decide how long the PIN should be valid (up to 255 hours). Press that number of hours, followed by the “*” button again. The light will blink once, confirming success.

Setting a Use-Limited PIN:

  1. Unlock the Vault (Again). Follow step 1 from the time-limited instructions above.
  2. Create Your Temporary Code. Choose a unique 4-digit PIN and enter it. Press “ENTER” (the light will blink four times).
  3. Define the Number of Uses. Decide how many times the PIN can be used (up to 255 openings). Press that number, followed by the “#” button. The light will blink once, indicating the PIN is ready.

Remember: Temporary PINs are a great way to give short-term access to house cleaners, dog walkers, delivery or guests.

This concludes your guide to programming and changing your garage door keypad PIN. I hope this empowers you to enjoy the convenience and security of keyless entry. Contact Motion Garage Doors and one of our specialists will be most welcome to help you out!

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